Batteries: Rechargeable, Lithium, NIMH, Alkaline, Custom Designs, Chargers

Capacitors: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors: Radial Lead, Axial Lead, Snap-In, Screw Terminals and Surface Mount - Film Capacitors: Polyester and Polypropylene-Power Capacitors-EMI/RFI Suppression- Ceramic (Axial/Radial), Chip, Corona Free, Custom Designed High Voltage and Low Voltage, High Current, L/C Networks & Filters, Power Factor Correction, Pulse Forming Networks, Super Caps, Safety Caps and more..

Circuit Protection:  Circuit Breakers, Thermostats, MOVs, NTC Thermistor, PTC Thermistor

Connectors: DHD, DSB, SIMM/DIMM, USB, ZIF, Nylon, Board to Board, Circular, High Power, MIL-DTL-26482, 38999, 5015, SAE AS51051, C-22992, 55116, 55181, 55074, 55074, fiber optic, HDI, Audio

Crystal/Resonator/Oscillator: Reg & Low Profile, SMT, CXO, TCO, TCXO, VCXO, Custom Designs

Cable Assemblies & Harnesses:  Overmolded, Custom Designs, MilSpec, Aerospace, Medical, High Volume Standard Cable Assemblies, Raw Multi-Conductor Cable

Contract Manf: Mechanical & Electronic, Turn Key Product, Box Builds, PCBA, Plastics

Diodes/Rectifiers:  Diodes: SMD, Leaded, Switching, Zener, TVS - Rectifiers: General Purpose, Fast & Super Fast Recovery, High Efficiency, High Voltage, Schottky - Bridge: SMD, Leaded Terminal Surface Mount: SMA, SMB, SMC, MELF, DBS, SOT

Front Panels: EMI RFI ESD Shielding, Elastomeric & Membranes Switch Keyboards, Graphic Overlays, PCB Switch Assemblies, Touch Screens- Digital & Analog, Plastic Molding

Fuses:   Miniature, Resettable, Subminiature, Surface Mount, Blade-Type, Fuse Holders, Circuit Protectors

Heat Sinks/Fans:  Extrusions, Folded Fin, High Aspect Ratio, Pin Fin, Board Level

Imported  Products: Custom Molded Cables, Fans, Horns, Potentiometers, Printed Circuit Boards, Sirens, Speakers, Switches, Transformers, Extrusions, Sheet Metal Parts

Labels: Bar Code, Computer Imprintable, PC Card, Product Identification Nameplates, Roll, Serialized, Safety, Cable Management Labels

LCD Displays:  LCD’s include TN, HTN, STN, and FSTN.  LCM’s include COB, COF, TAB, and COG.  Standard & Custom Character & Graphic Module Capabilities.

LEDs:  Custom LED Assemblies, Incandescent Bulb Replacement Assemblies, Ultra High Intensity, SMT, High Current

Mobile Computing: Tablet Computers, GPS Units, Accessories, Custom Design Available

Nameplates:  Electragraphic, Urethane Coated, Electroform, Diamond Carved, Etched, Formed, Functional, Injection Molded, Textured/Patterned

Printed Circuit Boards: Multilayer, Quickturn, Flex, Rigid Flex, AS9100 & Milspec, HDI

Quick Turn Value Added Service: PCB Board Assembly, Cable Assembly

Relays: Electromechanical Miniature Signal, Power, General Purpose, Automotive, HVAC, Sockets, Sealed, High Sensitivity, PC Board, Latching, Surface Mount.

Resistors: Carbon Film, Chip Resistors, Chip Network Resistors, MO, Wire Wound

Sensors: Closed & Open Loop Current, Closed Loop Voltage, Hall Effect ICs, Hall Effect Gear Tooth, Linear Hall ICs, Inductive Tag, Infrared Temperature, Linear Optical Array ICs, RF Transmitters and Receivers, Pressure, Programmable Sensor Interface ICs

Switches:  Miniature and Subminiature Toggle, Rocker, Pushbutton, Tact. Momentary Latching, Illuminated, Slide, Snap-Action, Sealed, Power, Low Cost Dip Switches, Membrane, Capacitive

Transformers: Specialty and Planar, Power, Signal Processing, Inductors, Chokes, Toroids, RF Coils, Audio, Toroidial Power, Medical Grade, Medical Isolation Units, Custom Designs, Current Transformers