What We Do

For Our Principles

Manufacturer's representatives or ‘reps’ are independent sales agents who work on commission. You don't pay us a salary, just a percentage of what we sell. We offer a practical, cost-effective alternative to a direct sales force for many manufacturers of electronic components. We know our territory well because we call on local engineers, product designers, product managers and material buyers regularly and have established solid relationships with them.

Using Milota & Associates can provide you with many of the benefits of having more than one direct sales person in the territory. Our knowledge of local companies and rapid access to large accounts without your incurring large fixed costs is a benefit. With reps, sales costs are always a fixed percentage of sales.

Milota will manage most aspects of the relationship between the customer and your production facilities. We will be the first point of contact for your company and we will continue to make sales calls, presentations, process orders, oversee engineering changes and encourage use of new products your company builds.

For Our Clients

Milota & Associates will travel to your company site or product design firm and make a presentation of any particular line or manufacturer you are interested in. Simple as that. You want to know what our resources and abilities are and how they will benefit you and your company. So whether we meet formally or we schedule a lunch & learn session, you will be able to be kept up to date on new electronic and electro-mechanical products available on the market that will improve your time to market on the products you are designing. We are very knowledgeable in the range of lines we represent and know how to help you utilize them to add profitability and help you conserve R&D budget dollars. We want to know what you need so we can offer a solution as well as a sale.

Milota works with you, the client to generate a product order. We take the order, discusses time line, payment options, delivery, and other details including engineering and design questions, and then discusses the order with a production manager, or other liaison, at the production facility. If the manufacturer of your component requires clarification, we will contact you and report back to the production or operations group. You could call us the main contact or middle men between our lines and your success!